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Rental Affordable Dresses

1) Deposit is $25 each dress 
            1.1) receive deposit back when you returned dress in time
            1.2) lose deposit if you make a big damage or stain on dress. 
2) Wedding Dresses Rental are $100 each dress
3) Thai Traditional Dresses Rental are $75 each dress
4) Prom Dresses Rental are $50 each dress
5) Cocktail Dresses Rental are $20 each dress
6) late fees are $5 per day
7) No cleaning will be charge

    *** lose your deposit and rental fees if you are not return dress***

Photographer and Video Cinema

1)  Photograph $150 per hour. (includes edited picture flies on CD)
2)  Video Cinema Ceremony $350, Video Cinema Reception $350 (video HD on CD)
3)  Video Cinema Story $500 (video HD on CD)

Wedding Design and Wedding planner

1)Wedding design : Design are very important to your wedding, that will make you and your guests are remember forever. I will help create and design your wedding which match your color theme and what you need on your budget.This service will charge depend on how big of your wedding. Locate can be your home, church, or temple.

2)Full Service Wedding Planners: handle things from beginning to end, designing the look and feel, keep things organized, find and manage vendors everything on the actual day. We will attend meetings with you before the big day, make decisions together, and find many ways to make things to meet your goal with unlimited talk. I will make sure that, your wedding day goes smoothly, create in timelines. This full service will charge 20% of your total budget.

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